Eric Exud

Eric is aged 16 and lives with his mother, father, two brothers and two sisters. He is the third born. Out of his siblings, one is in form 1 at secondary school, one is in form 4 at primary school, one is living in Arusha working as a motorbike driver and the other is currently living in Morogoro working as a shopkeeper in a convenience store. His mother does small-scale farming and his father works as a mason, so he occasionally helps his father.

He is currently studying his second year of carpentry at the VTC. Eric lives far away from the VTC and is required to walk for 1.5 hours each way in order to attend. He enjoys studying carpentry as he has been enjoying learning how to make chairs, stools and even a roof. The favourite things he has made so far include stools, tables and small chairs for the kitchen.

Using materials and equipment at the VTC, Eric has been producing chairs, tables and handles for pangas to sell in order to earn money. Sometimes he uses waste materials left over from classes. So far, Eric has sold 7 small kitchen chairs for 3,000Tsh, 4 pangas for 2,000Tsh and 2 tables for 15,000Tsh. He says it feels good as he is able to support his life and he enjoys producing things which he can use to generate income for school.

When he finishes his studies, Eric wants to be a carpenter.



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