Food for Fees SHIKUWATA

In 2016, COCO invested in developing a Food for Fees programme for SHIKUWATA, an organisation educating disabled children, who are often left out of mainstream education. Altogether this has allowed 30 disabled children to go to school who would otherwise not have been able to do so. The organisation is working to counter stigmas against disabilities, both mental and physical, and ensure that all children are able to access education and socialise with their peers.

COCO's investment was used to establish a community farm to increase income to sustain the organisation. The farm has successfully grown rice, maize and sunflower, and this year's pea harvest was unfortunately unsuccessful. Altogether, this has brought income of over £1,000.

As well as advocacy work to change the perceptions of local communities, SHIKUWATA financially assist families to be able to send their disabled children to school, by helping to buy uniforms, transport fares and learning materials.  The organisation also buys sunglasses for albino children, and provides learning materials for schools to enable them to teach disabled children.



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