George is 35 years old and received a small loan of 50,000 TZS in January 2016. George used the funds from his loan to expand the items on sale from his shop in the village of Kituro, which is approximately 15km from Songea Town.

Before his loan, George has a business selling groundnuts, fish, vegetables and soap. Unfortunately in the year before George received his loan, his wife became very ill. George had to neglect his stock so that he could afford medical care for his wife and as such his income fell. George used his loan to replenish his stock, as well as to buy additional items such as wheat flour, maize, beer and soda.

As a result of his loan, George has been able to approximately double his income from 5,000 TZS each day to 10,000 TZS each day. The extra money enables George to ‘sustain his family’; he can now buy food for his wife and 4 children and if a family member falls ill, they will be able to afford treatment without negatively impacting on the business. The additional income also benefits his children’s education; 3 of his children are currently in primary school, whilst his youngest child will also attend once old enough.

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