Halima is 17 years old and lives in a village called Tanga in southern Tanzania. Halima lives with her mother and is a form three student at Elimika Centre.

Halima explains that the standard of education she receives from Elimika is superior to other local schools. At her previous school the majority of students failed their exams and so were unable to continue in education, however the vast majority of students at Elimika pass.

Several reasons are given for education at Elimika being superior to other local schools. Firstly, Elimika has sufficient classrooms for students.

"At Elimika we are comfortable as we have enough rooms, chairs and tables"

Secondly, Elimika has dormitories whilst her previous school didn't. The absence of dormitories caused difficulties for many students, as they had to walk long distances from home to school. Some students may try to use public transport, but this is often unreliable and as school students pay less than the general public, often buses will drive straight past at busy times.

Despite the difficulties in getting to school, students were punished when they arrived late to Halima's former school. The punishment would typically involve a task such as washing clothes, cooking and cleaning, which would waste time when Halima could be studying.

Thirdly, Elimika has sufficient teachers for all subjects. There is a shortage of science teachers in Tanzania, which presents a challenge in many schools. However, at Elimika there is a dedicated science teacher.

"Science is challenging and not easy to understand unless you concentrate very hard. With the presence of the science teacher I believe I can perform better in science subjects."

Finally, the wonderful environment around Elimika enables students to relax in the evening playing sports and helps them to learn useful agriculture skills. Halima particularly enjoys it when the teachers join in with sports!

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