"Loans are not a gift. Only take one if you are prepared to repay it."

Jane is 56 years old and lives in Luanda in Western Kenya. She has six children who have now grown up and left home and is now caring for three orphans. She received a loan of approximately £150 in January 2016 which she has used to set up a clothes shop and expand her chicken farm.

Before the loan Jane was a chicken farmer, and to make extra money she sold second hand clothes by walking around her village. Using the loan she has been able to rent a space to set up a shop.

Education is very important to her, and she is using her increased income to send the three orphans in her care to school. She feels very happy and enjoys being part of the community: giving advice, support and looking out for women who may become ill or are HIV positive. The shop keeps her busy and involved with many people and she feels well-known and respected.

In the future she would like to expand her business so that she can care for three other orphans and send them to school too.

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