Lempeti is 13 years old and in class 7 at Maasai Academy, a remote primary school in the village of Orlote, Kenya. He has attended Maasai Academy for three years.

He joined Maasai Academy in class five after moving from local government school Olpusare Primary. He says he moved to Maasai Academy as the school has more funding, better facilities and smaller class sizes than his previous school. There was also no food at her old school but there is at the Maasai Academy, his favourite meal is rice!

It takes Lempeti approximately 30 minutes to walk to school from his home in Olpusare and he has to look after the family’s cows before and after school. At the weekend he loves to play football with his friends and loves scoring goals! Lempeti lives with his mother, father, three sisters and four brothers. He has a fifth brother who is away studying secondary teaching at college. All of his brothers and sisters go to school but none go to Maasai Academy. His mother and father both went to school but only up to class 3. Both of Lempeti’s parents are farmers. They plant maize and beans and keep livestock, in order to sell them as a source of income for the family.

Lempteti enjoys school, as he is now able to read and write and he has been able to make friends with the other children in his school. Lempeti can see a difference between himself and his brothers and sisters, who have not gone to school. He says that he thinks in a different way to them and that he is healthier, as he has access to improved sanitation. If he didn’t go to school Lempeti says he would have to look after the cows all day.

Lempeti was very happy when he heard COCO would be funding the building of the sports pitch. He can’t wait for the grass to grow so he can play football every day, and says he hopes to become the Maasai Academy football team captain!

After finishing at Maasai Academy, Lempeti hopes to continue his education at secondary school before going to university to study to become a doctor. He thinks that this will make his parents proud. He also wants to be able to improve health care in Orlote and benefit the Loita community.

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