"I know in a few months I can get fish there, so I have hope. When the fishpond is ready, I will be happy!"

32 year old Linet received her first small loan from our partners Viagenco in 2014. She is a fishmonger, buying fish from Lake Victoria, cooking it, and selling it on a stall in the village of Luanda. When fish aren't in season, she buys and sells cereals instead. She saves money in a small savings account and uses the interest to help pay for her children's school fees. She has 3 children, the youngest of which is at Mercy Primary.

She told COCO that in order to buy fish, fishermen force women to have sex with them. The local economy relies on fishing, so women have no choice but to do this so that they can provide for their children. After hearing about this, COCO launched an appeal to raise money to build a fishpond. The pond is managed by the community, so there will be no exploitation, and the pond's income will be invested in the school to improve the quality of education. Linet was very excited to be able see that the pond is finished and stocked with fish!



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