With a small loan of less than £20, 44 year old Luciana set up a small restaurant in her village in Southern Tanzania and has more than doubled her daily income!

Luciana first used her loan to buy the ingredients and utensils needed to make tea and breakfast food. Reinvesting the profits from this, Luciana has now been able to start offering lunch and dinner too.

Before receiving her loan, Luciana generated 6,000 TZS each day, this has now more than doubled to 12,000 TZS to 15,000 TZS each day.

Luciana explains that the extra income has enabled her to meet basic necessities for her and her husband and five children, aged between 1 and 18. Luciana’s loan has been very successful, though she explains that she occasionally struggled to repay on time. If possible, Luciana would like a larger loan of 300,000 TZS to expand her business further in the future.

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