Mathias & Jutta’s Comrades

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Mathias and Jutta are passionate runners who signed up to complete the Comrades Marathon in 2015. Despite living in Germany and running a race in South Africa, Mathias and Jutta heard of COCO's work and were keen to raise funds on our behalf. In total, over £1,100 was raised.

Ahead of Mathias' 50th birthday, he sent a mail to all his family and friends about his birthday plans. He did not want any presents, but he asked them to set a fixed sum on each kilometre he will manage at Comrades Marathon. If he would finish in under 11 hours the set sum would double. Everyone was  enthusiastic about the idea so it was also a great motivation for Mathias to make the best out of the race.

On the 31st of May 2015 Mathias and Jutta crossed the starting line. They ran an amazing race. It looked and felt like they would finish in under 11 hours but about 20km before the finish Mathias' legs started getting heavy cramps. He had to stop and some physiotherapists looked after him. After about 15 minutes he could stand on his own feet again and step by step he carried on with the race because he had a goal to reach. He finished the Comrades in 11 hours and 23 minutes and we were all very proud of him finishing. Jutta kept that pace from the start and passed the finish line in 10 hours and 36 minutes, which is amazing! Even though Mathias did not make the 11 hours everyone gave the double sum because of their great performance!



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