Matilda lives with her two children, the eldest of whom is 12 with the other being five. To provide for her children and herself, Matilda has always made the most of her entrepreneurial skills.

Matilda produced sweaters to generate income. Matilda was initially generating income of 60,000TSH (£22) each month. Matilda applied for one of The Hoja Project's Small Loans to expand her business.

Having met all of the criteria to receive a loan, Matilda was given a loan of 50,000TSH (£18.30), which she used to expand her sweater production and to diversity into also selling chickens. Shortly after receiving her loan, Matilda was generating 80,000TSH (£30) each month selling sweaters and a further 60,000TSH (£22) from selling chickens.

Having received a loan from The Hoja Project, Matilda became very fond of the organisation and was keen to contribute in any way that she could. Matilda initially applied to volunteer with The Hoja Project, but her entrepreneurial skills were so impressive that she was made the IGP loans coordinator.

Since becoming the loans coordinator, Matilda has developed her English skills through a training course and has become experienced in monitoring and evaluating projects implemented by COCO and Hoja.

Matilda has been instrumental in the success of the small loans programme, which has seen loans distributed to 3,125 individuals. The small loans programme is essential to The Hoja Project becoming operationally self-sustainable in 2015, including Matilda’s salary of 150,000TSH (£55) each month.

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