Meet Catherine

30 year old Catherine received a small loan in 2015, which she used to set up a small shop and office in Songea town in Tanzania, offering secretarial skills and selling office supplies, as well as establishing a successful small farm at her home.

Catherine had already taken part in a computer course, but could not find employment. A small loan of approximately £20 and basic business training has given Catherine the skills and resources to be able to establish a small business to be able to live comfortably. Catherine has hopes to open a second shop and to expand her farm in the future.

Providing small loans builds resilience, empowering people who are often otherwise vulnerable to disaster to be able to save and provide for themselves. A small investment can make a huge difference to the lives of people living in poor communities, and during difficult times the impact becomes even more clear.

Support our #NeverMoreNeeded appeal to provide life changing small loans to more people like Catherine HERE.



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