Moses is 47 years old and received a small loan of 50,000 TZS in January 2015. Initially, Moses used his loan to begin a clothes selling business, but changed his business to rear pigs.

Moses currently has 2 pigs which he breeds once each year. Last year, the 2 pigs had a total of 11 piglets; 2 were given to the owner of the breeding pig as payment and the remaining 9 were sold for 25,000 TZS each.

Further to generating income from breeding, the manure from the pigs has also helped Moses to expand his cultivation. Prior to the pigs, Moses’ cultivation would yield 3 sacks of maize, this has now increased to 9 sacks of maize. Before he did not produce enough maize to sell, but now he can generate as much as 200,000 TZS per year from agriculture and other small jobs.

His extra income has enabled Moses to benefit himself and his family. There are 8 in his family, including his wife and 3 male children and 3 female children. His children range in age from 23 years old to just 2 years old, they are all in education except his oldest and youngest who are not at the correct age for school.

In the future, Moses plans on taking another loan so that he can expand the pigs’ home. This would enable him to keep his pigs longer and therefore sell them on to generate more money.

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