“Our school motto is education is light. Education is the beginning of everything. You have to go to school to have a good future.”

We were very proud to hear that Peter graduated from Mercy Primary in 2017 top of his year group. He is now at a local secondary school and is still one of the best students in his year.

While at Mercy Primary, Peter was head boy. He was selected by the teachers based on his positive academic performance. His responsibilities as head boy included assigning students to clean the school by picking up litter and sweeping the classrooms and helping the teachers to organise resources like the distribution of textbooks.

Peter's favourite subject was English, because it allows him to communicate with many different people, especially visitors who come to the school. Peter thinks going to school and receiving an education is very important and will give him the best chance of a bright future.

In the future Peter wises to complete secondary school and then go to university to train to become a pilot. He wishes to be a pilot as he thinks there are not enough in Kenya and he can bring more visitors to Kenya.

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