“My life has completely changed. One thing I am thanking god for is that I am completely independent. Loans can lift up a person. Without a loan I would not be where I am now”

23 year old Prisca received a small loan of less than £20 in 2000. Her income has increased by 10 times!

Before receiving the loan, Prisca was buying soap from town and selling it to other people living in her village, allowing buyers to pay for the soap slowly over time so that they could afford it. She lived with her parents and was unable to support herself.

With her loan, she bought kangas (a colourful garment worn in Tanzania), and sold them to make more money. She saved her profits from this until she was able to rent a shop in a larger village, closer to Songea town. Her business continued to grow and she has now opened a second shop and has moved out of her family home.

With her loan, Prisca has also been able to pay fees to send her brother to private school after he failed his exams in state school. He has now successfully completed lower secondary school and has started higher education.

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