Race Night

A hilarious night and an effective fundraiser. A race night is a virtual day at the races which is often far more fun!

Kits are widely available to make organising a race night a doddle, however there are still a few bits and pieces to sort out.

1. Get in touch with local businesses and ask them to donate a small prize to sponsor a race. Offer them a shout out on the night and via social media if they need some persuading!

2. Pick a date and venue and invite everyone you think may be interested in coming along. Pubs will often let you hold events for free if you can guarantee a certain number of people will be coming along.

3. Sell horses in advance. The horse owner can name their horses and if their horse wins on the night, they win the sponsor's prize for that particular race.

4. On the evening you open your betting shop. Put all takings for a race into a pot, choose a percentage to take for COCO and split the rest equally between the winning punters.

If you have any questions about how to organise a race night, please get in touch with [email protected] or 0191 261 7427. Brad has organised a couple of successful race nights for COCO in the past, with the most recent one raising over £1,200!



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