Rose lives in Bwayi in Western Kenya.  Thanks to receiving sustainable agriculture training, she is now able to send her four grandchildren to school and provide them with safe water and a healthy diet.

Rose is widowed and is caring for her four orphaned grandchildren alone.   When her own daughters got sick, Rose sold everything to pay for treatment, but they sadly died. Rose then had to work long days for only 50p a day.  She could not afford to send her grandchildren to school, so they would work all day with her for less than 30p.

However, after sustainable agriculture training, Rose has established her own garden where she succesfully grows vegerables to feed her family and sell for profit. Her grandchildren are now able to go to school. A nearby bore hole means the family has clean, safe water to drink. She hopes that increased income by extending her garden will allow her to build a small house and purchase a solar lamp so her grandchildren can study in the evening



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