Sophia is a form one student at Mshangano Secondary School who joined the school in January 2019. She is 13 years old and unfortunately lost both of her parents in an accident. Sophia is benefiting from the re-opening of the school since she has full sponsorship for her entire school life.

“I am happy to be at Mshangano Secondary School as it has a uniquely favourable environment for studying and has facilities such as a water supply and library. It is a welcoming place for students from all backgrounds, so we feel encouraged to study hard.”

Sophia’s most memorable experience so far was her trip to Songea Municipal city garden in February, which she was able to attend because of her excellent test results. If she continues to perform well at school, the next trip will be to the Majimaji Museum.

“I don’t think there is anything that will limit me from getting A’s in all my subjects, as we all get lots of alone time to study and have a healthy and varied diet.”

The only challenge Sophia faces is stiff competition from other students “There are many brighter students than me, but I will make sure that I study very hard. My dream is to be a doctor in years to come, Mshangano secondary will make my dream perfect.”



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