Team COCO Christmas Cracker Competition!

Be Our Team COCO Christmas Cracker and Christmas Elf

How to enter and win a worthless prize and everlasting glory

First of all, make sure you have run in a parkrun between September 1st December 16th. That means getting out on December 15th if you have not achieved this feat already.

Make sure that your time and club, Team COCO, are on the parkrun website. That means you are appearing in parkrun results and are easy to find.

If you are second claim Team COCO you may not appear as one of us on the parkrun site, so let Paul know that you want to be included before December 16th and tell us your first claim club. That means we can find you

Then turn up for any parkrun over Christmas !

There will be parkruns all over the world on Saturdays 22nd and 29th. Check out the parkrun website. Whether you run in England, Africa or Australia, your run will be recorded and we will get it.

Some places will be having parkruns for proper Crackers and Elves on Christmas Morning and New Year morning. Check them out here.

Run in one, two, three or four parkruns anywhere you like between December 22nd and January 1st

Don’t forget your barcodes! Otherwise your time won’t get recorded.

We'll check your times and find your best time between December 23nd and January 1st

Every Team COCO member who has run in a parkrun while registered for Team COCO since September 1st 2018 will be given a handicap, based on your performances over the last four months. You can find these here.

The slower you have been, the better your handicap. You will be sent the full handicap list on December 18th. They will be controversial, but what is Christmas without injustice and fun (you can see the results of the Summer Scorcher competition for information here.)

And we will combine the handicap with your best Christmas and New Year finishing time to find the Christmas Cracker.

For example, suppose  Alf Tupper had clocked 17 minutes at Wallsend parkrun. He would get scratch on the handicap. That means Alf would get no time taken off any parkrun time he clocks at Christmas.

If Lucy Kendall had clocked 36 minutes at Durham parkrun. Lucy would get a handicap of 19 minutes. She would get 19 minutes taken off her best Christmas parkrun time.

So if Alf runs 18 minutes at Gateshead on Christmas Day and Lucy runs 35 minutes at Newbiggin by the Sea on New Years Day morning , Alf gets nothing taken off and Lucy gets 19 minutes taken off.

Lucy hammers Alf Tupper by 2 minutes in the Christmas Cracker competition.

We will let you know the leaders via Facebook during Christmas week. The winner will be the runner who comes first after all the time deductions have been made from everybody's best run.

There will also be the Christmas Elf, a title for the most consistent performer in three competitions; the Team COCO Handicaps at Easter, Summer and Christmas. You will be given points based on your finishing positions in three events. Elaine Jennings is our reigning points champion, with a crowd of would be Elves threatening to steal her crown.

The two winners will be Crackers and Elves. They will win the everlasting glory and completely worthless prize from the Team COCO office that they can treasure for ever.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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