Team COCO Easter Egg Competition

Be Our Team COCO Easter Egg and Easter Bunny

How to enter and win a worthless prize and everlasting glory

First of all, please make sure you have paid your affiliation fee for 2019 (£20 for first claim members and £5 for second claim members) and check you are on the parkrun website. You need to appear in parkrun results and be easy to find as a Team COCO member!

(If you are second claim Team COCO you may not appear as one of us on the parkrun site, so please let Steph know that you want to be included and tell us your first claim club; that way we can find you and add your results to our leaderboard.)

Next, turn up for one, two or three parkruns between April 13th and April 27th, and we'll check your best time within those dates. Don’t forget your barcodes! Otherwise your time won’t get recorded!

The technical bit: every Team COCO member who has run in a parkrun while registered for Team COCO since September 2018 will be given a handicap. The slower you have been, the higher your handicap. We will let you know the handicaps very soon - they will be controversial, but that's what it's all about!

Finally, we will combine the handicap with your best Easter finishing time to find the  triumphant Easter Bunny.

For example, suppose Alf Tupper clocked 17 minutes at Wallsend parkrun. He would get diddly-squat as a handicap - he's too good! That means Alf would get no time taken off any parkrun time he clocks at Easter...

But if Lucy Kendall clocked 36 minutes at Durham parkrun, Lucy would get a handicap of 19 minutes. She would get those 19 minutes taken off her best Easter parkrun time.

So if Alf runs 18 minutes at Gateshead, and Lucy runs 35 minutes at Newbiggin by the Sea, Alf gets nothing taken off and Lucy gets 19 minutes taken off.... Lucy hammers Alf Tupper by 2 minutes in the Easter Bunny competition!

We will let you know the leaders via Facebook as the competition progresses. The winner will be the runner who comes first after all the time deductions have been made from everybody's best run.

There will also be the Easter Egg, a title for the most consistent performer in three competitions: the Team COCO Handicaps at Easter, Summer and Christmas. You will be given points based on your finishing positions in three events. Elaine Jennings is our reigning points champion, with a crowd of would-be Eggs threatening to steal her crown!

The two winners, the Bunny and the Egg, will win the everlasting awe and admiration of their Team COCO team-mates, plus a completely worthless prize from the Team COCO office that they can treasure for ever...

Happy Easter and Happy Running!



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