Hoja Project

Hoja Project is COCO's main implementation partner in Tanzania. Alongside Hoja, COCO has been able to complete many diverse projects which have provided sustainable sources of quality education to children living in poor and marginalised communities in Southern Tanzania.

Hoja was founded by Oswin Mahundi and a group of University students. Oswin had faced many difficulties in accessing education during his youth and was keen to prevent other young people growing up in Tanzania from facing the same difficulties.

During our partnership with Hoja we have developed Hoja Secondary School, which is the basis for the Schools for Life programme. It is also by working with Hoja Project that COCO has established partnerships with the other Schools for Life in Southern Tanzania: Litisha Nursery, Kids are Kings Nursery, Elimika Centre, Kindimba Secondary, Mshangano Secondary and Hoja Teacher Training and Learning Centre.

Further programmes which have been established are the distribution of small loans, the training of farmers in sustainable agriculture techniques and the establishment of a sustainable school sponsorship programme.



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