Theodosia is 30 years old and received a loan of 50,000 TZS in January 2016. Theodosia used her loan to establish a shop in Songea Town which mainly sells drinks.

Her loan was initially used to buy stock of bottled water, after reinvesting the profits from the water, Theodosia was also able to sell sodas, juice, milk, energy drinks and some snacks such as biscuits.

Before receiving her loan, Theodosia explains that she was just selling vegetables in the street. Whilst she was selling vegetables, Theodosia generated 3,000 TZS in profit each day. Theodosia’s current income is up to four times this amount, at 10,000 TZS to 12,000 TZS in profit each day.

Her additional income has enabled Theodosia to send her 7 year old son to school, as well as to meet other basic needs for her and her family.

In the future, Theodosia hopes that she can expand her business further to sell products in wholesale quantities. Whilst her loan has been very successful, one challenge she has faced is that occasionally business can be slow and her products can reach their expiry date as a result.



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