Tigiran is 14 years old and is in class 7 at Maasai Academy, a remote primary school in the village of Olorte, Kenya. He is very happy at school and finds all of his subjects easy, in particular maths which is his favourite. He has been able to learn how to read at the Maasai Academy.

Before moving to Maasai Academy Tigiran went to Orlorte Primary, a local government school.  Before he moved to Maasai Academy he spoke only Maasai and could not read, now he is learning English and has learnt to read.

Tigiran lives in Enairebuk and walks one hour to school each day with his friends.  After school he is able to relax and enjoys playing football with all his friends who live nearby. At the weekend Tigiran is responsible for herding the family’s cows and sheep up into the hills to look for grass. He will often leave home as the sun rises and not return until after sun set.

Tigiran lives with his mother, father, five brothers, and six sisters. Both of his parents attended school and are now subsistence farmers but only one of his brothers also goes to school, which is at the local government primary school. The rest of his siblings are older and married.

If he didn’t go to school, Tigiran says he would spend his time looking after the cows. After completing primary school at Maasai Academy, Tigiran hopes to continue his education at secondary school and dreams of going to university to become a maths professor as this is his favourite subject.  The main obstacle to this happening is the ability of his family to pay school fees.

Tigiran thinks that the Maasai Academy could become even better by building rooms for class 7 and 8 and by having computers to learn from. He is very proud to go to a school with a proper sports field as the other schools in the area just have rough ground to play on. He can’t wait to play football with his friends!



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