Violet is 16 years old and studies in Form 2 at Kindimba Secondary School. Previously Violet studied at a local government primary school, called Litundu Primary School.

Violet’s family has six members; her mother and father, two sisters, a brother and herself. One of her sisters is currently at school whilst her other siblings are too young. She hopes that her siblings will be able to follow her and study at Kindimba Secondary, as she says that the facilities and teaching are better than at other local schools.

“Kindimba Secondary has a good environment and offers good education. I would really like my siblings to be able to study here too.” 

When she is older, Violet would like to become a secondary school teacher. Her favourite subjects are Geography, Swahili, Chemistry and Physics as she performs well at them. She doesn’t like Maths, History and English as she finds them difficult, but intends to spend more time focusing on her weaker subjects to improve them.

To improve Kindimba Secondary further, Violet would like additional sports facilities such as pitches, balls and kit. Violet plays centre in netball.

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