What Will My Fundraising Achieve?

£5 - Secondary School Text Book

Text books help teachers to ensure lessons follow the national curriculum, which enables students to perform well in competitive national exams.

£10 - 25 Maths Sets

Functional equipment is essential to gaining a proper understanding of this key subject.

£25 - Water for the Garden

A watering can enables gardens to remain lush and green in even the warmest months. Produce from gardens provides nutritious food and a source of income.

£65 - Rainwater Harvesting

Placing guttering on a classroom enables rainwater to be harvested and stored in a tank ready for dryer months.

£260 - Equipping the Nursery

Furniture for the nursery at Maasai Academy. Good quality furniture promotes good posture and group tables promote communal learning.

£500 - Speakers for HIV/AIDS Education

Mbamba Bay is a fishing community with a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Speakers will enable community leaders to educate members of the community quickly and effectively.

£750 - Sports at Litisha Nursery

Sports are good for the body and mind. A safe environment in which to play cultivates friendship, encourages social interaction and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

£1,400 - Equipment for Builders

Tools to enable students at Kindimba Secondary's Vocational Training Centre to perfect their techniques and develop marketable skills for the future.

£6,500 - Classroom at a new School for Life

FOCUSSA caters for vulnerable children living close to the Kenya-Uganda border. The school is operationally self-sustainable, but needs safe, secure classrooms for students.

£8,000 - Electricity and Computers

Installation of solar power to the whole school and installation of a solar classroom for computer studies at Kindimba Secondary.



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