What Will My Funds Achieve?

£5 - Primary School Text Book

Text books help teachers to ensure lessons follow the national curriculum, which enables students to perform well in competitive national exams.

£10 - 10 Mango Trees

Crops to establish a food forest to provide healthy, nutritious food for students, with excess produce being sold to provide income to sustain partner schools.

£25 - Water for the Garden

A watering can enables gardens to remain lush and green in even the warmest months. Produce from gardens provides nutritious food and a source of income.

£100 - A three-tier bunk bed

To provide a safe place for students to sleep at night. Without dormitories on site, students walk long, often dangerous distances to school each day.

£150 - E-reader

Provide one e-reader to teach interactive learning and provide a sustainable solution to changing curriculum.

£350 - Nursery playground

To provide a safe place for nursery students to play, make friends, and learn soft skills - a key element of preschool education.

£500 - Speakers for HIV/AIDS Education

Mbamba Bay is a fishing community with a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Speakers will enable community leaders to educate members of the community quickly and effectively.

£1,000 - Farm solar lighting

Provide solar lighting at the Food Forest at Mercy Primary School in Kenya, to improve security of workers and scare wildlife (including hippos!) off the site, protecting crops.

£3,000 - Sustainable Agriculture Training

Providing a remote community with affordable, organic farming techniques to increase crop yields, improve food security, and increase income by an average of 284%.

£7,500 - Classroom at a partner School for Life

FOCUSSA caters for vulnerable children living close to the Kenya-Uganda border. The school is operationally self-sustainable, but needs safe, secure classrooms for students.

£8,000 - Electricity and Computers

Installation of solar power to the whole school and installation of a solar classroom for computer studies at Kindimba Secondary.



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