Portfolio Category: Hoja Capacity Building

Hoja Project

Hoja Project is COCO's main implementation partner in Tanzania. Alongside Hoja, COCO has been able to complete many diverse projects which have provided sustainable sources of quality education to children living in poor and marginalised communities in Southern Tanzania. Hoja was founded by Oswin Mahundi and a group of University students. Oswin had faced many…
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What is Sustainable Agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture techniques are methods of increasing agricultural efficiency using naturally available resources. Sustainable agriculture techniques are largely simple yet effective. For example, one method is the construction of 'swales', which are essentially long troughs in the soil. Swales trap water when it rains, which means that instead of water being evaporated as soon as…
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Matilda lives with her two children, the eldest of whom is 12 with the other being five. To provide for her children and herself, Matilda has always made the most of her entrepreneurial skills. Matilda produced sweaters to generate income. Matilda was initially generating income of 60,000TSH (£22) each month. Matilda applied for one of…
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