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5-year-old Aika Baraka is the eldest daughter of Malaika, the director of Kids are Kings learning centre. Within her family, there are four people, parents and her younger sister Manka Baraka. Aika attends Kids for Kings Nursery in Tanzania. She loves learning English and when she is older she would like to be a teacher.…
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Malaika Milinga

Malaika is Director of the Kids are Kings Nursery in Songea, Tanzania. The centre runs a nursery school that teaches children in English, offering scholarships to those who are unable to access government nurseries locally or afford the average private nursery school fees. Why did you set up Kids are Kings? In Tanzania primary school…
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Rosemary Jeremiah

7 year old Rosemary attends Kids are Kings Nursery in Tanzania.  Rosemary's favourite subject at nursery is English, and she loves studying. When she is older she would like to become a doctor. The nursery provides good quality preschool education to children living in poor communities, who would otherwise be unable to send their children…
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Sport & Recreation

Recreation cultivates great friendship and encourages social interaction. Team sports and competition promote motivation and enthusiasm whilst also creating a healthy lifestyle. Schools for Life offer children the opportunity to enjoy sport and recreational activities, producing healthy and happy well-rounded children with confidence and skills both inside and outside the classroom. The UN promotes sport…
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