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5-year-old Aika Baraka is the eldest daughter of Malaika, the director of Kids are Kings learning centre. Within her family, there are four people, parents and her younger sister Manka Baraka. Aika attends Kids for Kings Nursery in Tanzania. She loves learning English and when she is older she would like to be a teacher.…
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Rosemary Jeremiah

7 year old Rosemary attends Kids are Kings Nursery in Tanzania.  Rosemary's favourite subject at nursery is English, and she loves studying. When she is older she would like to become a doctor. The nursery provides good quality preschool education to children living in poor communities, who would otherwise be unable to send their children…
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Justin Shrima

Justin is 6 years old, and attends MLASEO Nursery.  He lives with his mother, father, and three brothers and sisters. When he first started at MLASEO nursery, it had only one teacher, no toilets and the classroom was dilapidated and dangerous with exposed bricks and no windows or doors. He is happy that he and…
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What is Sustainable Agriculture?

Sustainable agriculture techniques are methods of increasing agricultural efficiency using naturally available resources. Sustainable agriculture techniques are largely simple yet effective. For example, one method is the construction of 'swales', which are essentially long troughs in the soil. Swales trap water when it rains, which means that instead of water being evaporated as soon as…
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