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“Our school motto is education is light. Education is the beginning of everything. You have to go to school to have a good future.” We were very proud to hear that Peter graduated from Mercy Primary in 2017 top of his year group. He is now at a local secondary school and is still one…
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Munanka is 11 years old and is in Class 7 at Maasai Academy in Olorte, a remote village on the border between Tanzania and Kenya. Munanka's mother is a farmer and sells livestock - cattle, sheep and goats, in order to earn a wage to support her household. Unfortunately Munaka's father died when she was…
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Damas & Condrada

Damas and Condrada are siblings and next door neighbours, living in a village called Litisha, close to Songea in southern Tanzania. Damas and Condrada are both farmers who received training in sustainable agriculture training. Since being trained in sustainable agriculture techniques, Damas has been able to increase his annual income from under 600,000TSH (approximately £214)…
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