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Agnes Mbunda

Agnes is 15 years old and studies in Form 1 at Kindimba Secondary School. Prior to Kindimba opening, over 80% of primary graduates in the local area were unable to continue their studies. Thankfully, Agnes was able to move to Kindimba straight after graduating from primary school. Agnes’ family has six members; her mother and…
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Belkmans Ngunga

Belkmans is aged 18 and lives in Mpandangindo with his mother and his 2 younger siblings, both of whom are in nursery. His mother is a subsistence farmer and, unfortunately, none of the family know where Belkmans’ father is. Belkmans studies in Form Four at Lupunga Secondary School, which is a half-hour walk from his…
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Augustino Ndonde

Augustino is a 19 year old student at Hoja Secondary School in Tanzania. Augustino lives in the boys' dormitory at the school, which saves him a commute of one and a half hours each way to school which he previously faced. “When I finished in day school, by the time I got home I was…
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Hoja Solar Classroom

One way in which Hoja Secondary has set itself apart from other schools in Tanzania is through the use of innovative education techniques. Oswin Mahundi, director of The Hoja Project, explains that "students interact more with their peers and teachers at Hoja Secondary, different from the normal government school." The Hoja Solar Classroom enhanced the…
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