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Why I’m a regular donor

Regular giving is so important to COCO, providing a reliable source of income so that we can plan effectively and support our partner schools and communities in East Africa in the best way. COCO has an amazing group of 46 regular donors, some of whom have shared below why they choose to support COCO.

"I'm amazed to hear that you only have 46 regular donors! ... I love the idea of a locally-based charity, with a running connection, that focuses on small projects so I can see exactly how my donations help through frequent updates. The COCO community is so friendly and always so appreciative of any support given." -Louise Laws

"My reason for giving to COCO stems from running and the Cram Tags idea that Steve set up after his brother died whilst out running. I bought a bunch of those for our running club members, and they are still used by some today. I then saw Steve, not just as an elite athlete, but as a very inspirational and respected guy who co-founded a fabulous charity." - Dave Sweet

"As an ex-teacher with past family connections in Africa, I joined COCO for the educational work it does in giving children the chance to learn, as well as pride in that learning and in themselves. The work COCO does also gives children the chance to have greater opportunities in life and in their communities, and the knowledge required for them to help care for the world they live in in the years to come. It is great to see what COCO has done." - Joan Proudlock

"The work of COCO strikes a chord with me because the small size of the charity and the news that the charity shares allows me to directly see the good that is done with my donation. The lives of children in the poorest countries can be extremely harsh, and donations, however small, make an immense difference for children who don’t have the safety net of a rich nation to fall back on." - Eryl Tottle

Find out how you can become part of this fantastic group of individuals by signing up to regular giving here.

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