Schools for Life, not just for Christmas

Your support has changed the lives of over 200,000 people like Pendo.

In 2008 Pendo cleaned clothes to provide for her two orphaned sisters. In 2009 she was given a place to study tailoring at our first School for Life. Pendo was top of her class and now owns two businesses comfortably providing for her two children. Pendo also paid for her two sisters to go to school, one is now a teacher and the other is a nurse.

Pendo will never have to rely on aid, be hungry or trapped in poverty again.

You can help us reach thousands more people like Pendo - sign up to regular giving now.

Our supporters already do so much for COCO's beneficiaries, for which we are extremely grateful, but the need for regular funding is ever present and we need your help to ensure we can lift another 200,000 people out of poverty.

How can you help?

A regular monthly donation gives COCO stability to plan effective projects. If you choose a regular monthly donation amount, no matter how small, you can have a huge impact. 

Currently we have 40 monthly donors who give between £2 and £50 per month, a total of £8,400 per year (less than 3% of our annual income).

What difference will my monthly donation make?

Whatever you can give will be used wisely to help sustain our projects. Some examples are below.

  • £2 per month could provide 12 mango trees in a year, providing income for Schools for Life.
  • £5 per month could provide a desk and chair for a student each year.
  • £10 per month could provide 2 sewing machines each year.
  • £20 per month could provide 12 small loans per year, enabling parents to increase their income and send their children to school.



Or if you would like to support our appeal with a one off donation, you can do so here.