Summer Scorcher Results

Results from the biggest running event of the summer, the Team COCO Summer Scorcher handicap competition!

Summer Scorcher leaderboard uses this season's handicaps combined with parkrun times during the competition. The Sun Beam title goes to the member with the most combined points throughout all the handicap competitions.

Read more about the competition rules here.

NameSummer Scorcher positionSummer Scorcher times (Handicap + parkrun time)Sun Beam positionSun Beam points
Helen Hedley116.31911
Jim Panton217.46321
Elaine Jennings318.20124
Dave Hooper419.23222
Roisin Plunkett519.29420
Debbie McFarland619.41616
Terry Welsh719.47109
Jess Hamer819.51134
Laura Jackson920.11109
Mark Herkes1020.35517
Jennifer Jennings1121.02714
Neil Jennings1222.06125
Rachel Leigh-Firbank1324.43812
Edward Chapman1444.26141