Working together for Brighter Futures across Tanzania!

In global development, there are countless amazing organsiations making an incredible impact across the world. For small organisations, especially those working in remote parts of the world, it is often difficult to find the time to learn from others doing similar work, but it is so important, and so worthwhile in the long run! At the end of February COCO’s partner organisation in Tanzania, Hoja Project, was visited by staff from another UK-Tanzania partnership, Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT) and Maisha Capacity Development Opportunity (MCDO) to learn from one another.

“We are Maisha Capacity Development Opportunity are pleased to visit Hoja Project Tanzania, with Oswin and his team. We have been inspired by your achievements, you have together got so far, you have inspiring stories to tell and many lessons to take away. We will stay in contact for more ideas we have seen so far on things we can do. Please feel proud and thank you for hosting us.” – Yohana Justin, Education Programmes Officer, MCDO.

LTT and MCDO work in Manyara Region in Northern Tanzania. The organisations have similar aims to COCO and Hoja Project, with three main programme areas: education, farmer training and women and girls. They work in rural areas, working in partnership with communities to help to lead themselves out of poverty, ensuring sustainable development.

In the UK, there is a growing community of development organisations, sharing learning and knowledge to save time and effort. Both working in Tanzania, LTT reached out to COCO to discuss our work in Tanzania. After a few conversations, a group of five from MCDO and LTT decided to travel to Songea for a couple of days to meet the Hoja team and visit their farms to learn more about their incredibly successful sustainability model.

Julian, Sophie, Yohana, Robbie, Happiness and Fidelis made the long drive south through Tanzania and spent a couple of days with the Hoja team, visiting their farms (braving the rain!) and hearing from Oswin and his team about how they generate income, the benefits of using sustainable agriculture techniques in farming, and what challenges they face! The Hoja Team learnt from their visitors in return and are planning on visiting the MCDO team in next time they go up to complete site visits to partners in Northern Tanzania.

"Visiting Hoja and the projects supported by them and COCO was so inspirational, the commitment of the community members they work with is humbling, they are freely sharing their knowledge with their neighbours so that all can benefit. If people in the community do that, we must all do that. Sharing knowledge and experiences with Hoja was fantastic and we look forward to welcoming them to our projects. All charities should be sharing their best and worst practices with each other so that we learn what works and what doesn't and we don't waste time reinventing the wheel.” – Julian Page, Managing Director of Livingstone Tanzania Trust.

Here's to more collaboration in future!



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