Walk the Wall Terms and Conditions

By registering for the Walk the Wall event, participants confirm that they agree to the following statements:

1) Participants agree to raise a minimum sponsorship of £200 for COCO to take part in the Walk the Wall challenge.

2) Participants agree to deposit at least £150 of sponsorship into the COCO account before the event.

3) Participants agree to inform COCO as soon as possible if for any reason they are unable to take part.

4) Participants agree to inform COCO by 1st April 2022 if they believe that they will not be able to fulfil the sponsorship pledge.

5) Participants are medically fit to participate in the event and understand that they enter at their own risk. The organisers shall not be held responsible for any injury or illness that may be caused to participants as a result of the event, or for any property lost during the event.

6) Participants agree to abide by instructions of the event organisers.

7) Participants consent for COCO and/or the co-organiser of the challenge to use photographs taken during the activity for promotion of subsequent events. These images will be stored in a secure location and only authorised staff will have access to them. They will be kept as long as they are relevant and after that time destroyed or archived.