Current Priorities

COCO works with several different partners on different projects, here are a few of the things that we are currently working on.  If you would like to fundraise to contribute to one of these programmes, get in touch by emailing or calling 0191 261 7427. Or you can make a donation online here.

Hoja Teacher Training and Learning Centre - £420,000

COCO is currently establishing a Teacher Training and Learning Centre (TTL Centre) in Songea, Tanzania. After speaking to the community and the students who attend Schools for Life, two main issues were raised which this centre will help to resolve. Students graduating from school often want to become teachers or continue their studies, but there is no opportunity to do so - the centre will provide the opportunity. Quality of teaching in Tanzania is low, the TTL Centre will provide good quality teachers for over 235,000 students within 5 years. Read more about the TTL Centre in our project proposal here.

Classrooms for two nurseries - £13,750 - FUNDED

At COCO we understand the importance of beginning education at an early age. A good quality preschool education will prepare children academically and socially for primary school, especially in Tanzania where children are often taught in their second or third languages. We are currently raising funds to build new classrooms at two nurseries in Tanzania: Kids are Kings and MCODE. These classrooms will give the children a safe and secure place to learn. The classroom at MCODE is being funded by our Christmas Appeal, and by the Durham University Kilimanjaro trek.

Dormitories at Maasai Academy - £16,500 FUNDED

Children often have to walk long, and sometimes dangerous distances to and from school each day. COCO is currently investing in dormitories at Maasai Academy so that children can sleep on site during the week, giving them more time to study and play and meaning they are not arriving at school already tired from the walk. Our London Dinner raised the money to allow this investment to take place.

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