Uwawayaki Nursery

Optimized-IMG_3697The Uwawayaki women’s group are dedicated to helping vulnerable people in the village of Majengo, close to Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania. Unfortunately, the area suffers heavily from HIV/AIDS and as a result there are many orphans in the area.

One of the ways in which Uwawayaki help vulnerable people is through the nursery, which aims to prepare children to start primary school, by providing a grounding in key subjects such as Swahili, English and numerical skills.

COCO worked alongside Uwawayaki towards the construction of a kitchen at the nursery, to ensure that children attending the school are given a meal, which contributes to them being healthy and energetic! COCO also supported the construction of a clean, sanitary toilet block to help prevent the transmission of infection and illnesses which young children are susceptible to.

To enable Uwawayaki to continue to flourish independent from COCO’s support, a pig rearing project was developed. The project has made Uwawayaki self-sustainable.

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