FOCUSSA is located on the Kenya-Uganda border, on a main road from the coast to the centre of the continent. Truck drivers often stop overnight, causing a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the area, with an estimated 55% of the 1,000 local children being orphaned. COCO began its partnership with FOCUSSA in 2015, and since then has helped to improve the infrastructure at the primary school. There are currently 100 students receiving a good education at FOCUSSA.

In the last year, one classroom has been constructed and fitted with solar panels and rainwater harvesting, and construction has begun on another two classrooms. A composting toilet block has been built to improve sanitation, rain water harvesting has provided the school with a permanent water source, and fruit trees are helping to sustain the school. COCO's current priorities at FOCUSSA Primary are to establish a fishpond at the school to further increase income, build a fence to increase security in this village where many strangers pass through. In the future, COCO would also like to establish a boxing club to teach girls self-defense and keep children fit and healthy, renovate the current dormitories, and build an IT classroom.

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    FOCUSSA Photo Gallery

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