Hoja Secondary

Optimized-2013 07 Liganga Students at Hoja Sec RB (6)Hoja Secondary School is the inspiration behind our Schools for Life programme. We started working with the community in Songea, Southern Tanzania in 2008. What was once a disused tobacco factory was transformed into Hoja Secondary School, graduates from which have achieved the top results of 185 schools in the region for five years running! The school is now operationally self-sustainable, providing education for 320 students and employment for 15 members of staff.

This year, COCO has invested in e-reader tablets, which will assist students in their learning and assist with exam revision. It is cheaper long term for the school to use tablets compared to continuously having to buy new textbooks for the students when the curriculum changes. They can be used for quizzes and other interactive learning opportunities making revision more fun and effective, and help to teach children valuable IT skills. This should ensure that graduates from Hoja Secondary School continue to achieve top results in the region!

Although Hoja Secondary is operationally self-sustainable, COCO is still working closely with the school to further improve education quality. We hope to set up a Food Forest at the school which will provide nutritious food for the children, and provide an extra source of income for the school, so the school can afford to make further improvements themselves.

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