Kids are Kings

Kids are Kings nursery is located close to Songea in Southern Tanzania. The nursery was set up by a community based organisation and sustained by the generosity of its trustees. However, when some of the trustees died the financial burden fell to one individual who could not afford to cover the nursery's costs alone. Kids are Kings began partnering with COCO and Hoja Project in 2016, and a new nursery has been developed on land donated by the community, so these children from poor backgrounds can still receive a good quality education.

A food forest has been established, so that the nursery can cover its own operational costs without having to rely on external funding. Extra income means that the nursery can expand to teach more children and better teaching resources can be purchased. COCO have assisted in the building of the classroom and composting toilets at the new site. A playground has been built and the children have now moved into the new school.

The next step is to expand the nursery to include a primary school, so that children can continue receiving quality education in Schools for Life. This will give them the best possible chances of breaking the cycle of poverty and realising their dreams.

Donate now or email [email protected] to support Kids are Kings Nursery.

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