Kindimba Secondary

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Prior to Kindimba Secondary opening in January 2015, over 80% of graduates from local primary schools were unable to continue their education. There are now 210 children accessing quality secondary education at Kindimba Secondary. For its first two years of operation, Kindimba has achieved the 4th best results in its region.

This year COCO has invested in continuing the development of Kindimba. E-reader tablets were distributed, to further improve high education standards. Furthermore, fruit trees have been planted to enhance existing agriculture programmes at the school. Finally, furniture and IT facilities were shipped to the school to improve the education environment. COCO intends to invest in vocational training in Kindimba, to ensure that furniture can be sourced locally in future.

In the coming year, the priority is to develop a Food Forest to provide nutritious food for the students, as well as additional income for the school to be able to sustain itself. It is also hoped that a fence will be built around the site to improve security, and a tailoring classroom for students to learn vocational skills.

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