Kindimba Secondary

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Kindimba Secondary School in Southern Tanzania was developed after the community saw the success of Hoja Secondary in national exams and approached COCO seeking to replicate this success. Before Kindimba Secondary opened, 80% of primary school graduates in the area were unable to attend Secondary School, and those that did, attended expensive and under-performing government schools. The school already boasts the 4th highest results in the region, which is amazing news after only being open just over a year.

In the last year, the boys’ dormitory has been completed which means that there is now teaching methods and a water filter was bought to improve the safety of drinking water. Two computer tablets were also bought as a trial, with the hope of buying more in the future to teach the children IT skills and provide an easy place to keep all notes and materials.

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    Violet Nasora

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    Agnes Mbunda

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    The Hoja Project

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    Kindimba Photo Gallery

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