Maasai Academy

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Maasai Academy is located in a remote region of Kenyan Maasailand. The community initially set up the school in a disused church, to provide a better education for their children. There are currently 150 children at the school, and 11 members of staff.

Water supply has been a long standing issue, especially during dry seasons, drip irrigation and water transportation systems are providing water for the school. This will be used for drinking, cooking and cleaning, as well as watering the food forest which will provide nutritious food for the students and generate income for the school. Composting toilets for staff and girls improve sanitation as there are fewer students per toilet, and means girls are less likely to avoid school during their period. Dormitories have been built so that children have more time to study and play, and avoid long, often dangerous walks to and from school. Teacher training is improving the quality of teaching in the school.

Each year a new classroom is built so children can move into the next year of school, this year COCO are hoping to fund the construction of a final classroom. Investement in teacher training will continue to further improve teaching quality. COCO also hope to construct teachers' accommodation to attract teachers good teachers from further afield.

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