Mbinguni is the newest addition to the Schools for Life family. The community in this remote village in the Nyasa region of Southern Tanzania received sustainable agriculture training and has now opened up a nursery with the sustained farming income.

Before the construction of Mbinguni nursery there was no nursery or primary school in the village. The closest school was over an hour’s walk away, which was too far for the youngest children and posed various safety issues for girls.

Fortunately, due to the generous support of our donors and the hard work of our partners overseas, the nursery building was opened in March 2019 and has enrolled 30 students, and a playground is currently being built. COCO plans to support the construction of additional classrooms each year, so that children can receive primary education in the village.

A double classroom costs £9,000. Donate now, or contact [email protected] if you are interested in sponsoring a classroom. 

  • Mbinguni Photo Gallery

    Mbinguni Photo Gallery

    A selection of photos from Mbinguni Village and progress of Mbinguni Nursery.

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  • Anusiata


    Anusiata is 7 years old and lives in the village of Mbinguni in the Nyasa region of Southern Tanzania. She…

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  • Flora


    10-year-old Flora lives in the village of Mbinguni in the Nyasa region of Southern Tanzania. She doesn’t currently go to…

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  • Jessica


    Jessica is 9 years old. She lives with her parents and four siblings in Mbinguni village in Southern Tanzania. She…

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