MCODE Nursery

MCODE Nursery is located on the slopes at the bottom of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Nursery was established by Mkwaru Community Development, and is able to sustain itself thanks to increased income after receiving sustainable agriculture training. The nursery was previously held in a community member's home, and shared toilets with a local bar. Thanks to funds raised by the 2016 Christmas Appeal and Durham University Charity Commission's 2017 Kilimanjaro Climb, the nursery has now moved to a safe new site.

Current priorities at MCODE nursery are to build another classroom so that more children can attend the school, to install water harvesting so that the nursery has a permanent source of water, establish a food forest to grow crops for children to eat and to sell to increase the school's income, and to buy outdoor play equipment for the children.

MCODE is partnered with Seaton Sluice First School which is located in Northumberland. The two schools enjoy exchanging work and developing friendships for mutual learning benefits. 

MCODE is currently seeking funds to build a second classroom so that their current students can continue their studies in their local school. If this if something you can help with contact [email protected], or donate now to help make this wish a reality.

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