Mercy Primary

Mercy Primary School, the pride of the determined community who work to ensure their children received the best possible education, is located in a small rural village on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya. When COCO first visited the school, infrastructure and resources were severely lacking. There are currently 125 students enrolled at Mercy Primary School, and 13 members of staff.

Since COCO began partnering with Mercy Primary School, an admin block has been built to give staff a place to meet and operate, and final touches were given to composting toilets. A school farm has also been set up to increase income. The farm’s income is expected to be sufficient to make the school self-sustainable and will enable teachers to be paid a reasonable salary, reducing staff turnover. The farm is fully equipped with a farmer’s house, solar power, and a solar powered water pump. The farm grows crops and will soon also be raising chickens. This provides nutritious food for the students as well as additional income for the school.

In the past year, COCO invested in income generation for the school and community. A poultry project at the school provides income to cover the school's running costs. Small loans given to parents and caregivers mean they are able to increase their income, and be able to provide for their children and afford to contribute to school fees.

Current priorities at Mercy Primary are to establish a fishpond, so that local women are no longer forced into having sex with fishermen to be able to buy fish. COCO would also like to provide small loans to more community members, and renovate one of their classrooms.

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