Pre-school education

Pre-school education provides a solid foundation for children moving on into primary education. It not only gives children the basic knowledge they need to excel academically, but the social skills to be successful in all aspects of their life.

An evaluation of COCO’s secondary Schools for Life found that some students struggled with lessons being taught in English, whilst primary education is taught in Swahili. This is a problem across Tanzania and therefore many parents are keen for their children to attend English speaking nurseries and primary schools.

Unfortunately English speaking nursery and primary schools are typically private schools, with fees out of reach for poorer families. As a result, COCO has started to invest in English speaking nursery schools that are accessible for poor students, some of which will expand into primary schools over time. COCO is currently partnering with four nursery schools in Tanzania: Kids are Kings Nursery, MCODE Nursery, Litisha Nursery, MLASEO Nursery, Olomayani Nursery and Mbinguni Nursery.

  • Aika


    5-year-old Aika is the eldest daughter of Malaika, the director of Kids are Kings learning centre. Within her family, there…

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  • Rosemary


    7 year old Rosemary attends Kids are Kings Nursery in Tanzania.  Rosemary's favourite subject at nursery is English, and she…

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  • Justin


    Justin is 6 years old, and attends MLASEO Nursery.  He lives with his mother, father, and three brothers and sisters.…

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  • Sport & Recreation

    Sport & Recreation

    Recreation cultivates great friendship and encourages social interaction. Team sports and competition promote motivation and enthusiasm whilst also creating a…

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  • Food


    Growing food forests and providing training in sustainable agriculture allows children to eat nutritious food, whilst learning of the importance…

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