Secondary Education

Secondary level education is vital in preparing students for adult life. It is not only the time at which they sit national level exams and achieve the best academic grades possible, but also important in shaping thoughtful, confident adults equipped with the social and practical skills to succeed in life and break the cycle of poverty.

COCO is currently partnering with four Schools for Life in Tanzania, alongside our Tanzanian partners The Hoja Project: Hoja Secondary, Kindimba Secondary, Elimika Centre and Mshangano Secondary. These four schools are providing good quality education to children living in poor, remote communities.

  • Agnes


    Agnes is 15 years old and studies in Form 1 at Kindimba Secondary School. Prior to Kindimba opening, over 80%…

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  • Belkmans


    Belkmans is aged 18 and lives in Mpandangindo with his mother and his 2 younger siblings, both of whom are…

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  • Augustino


    Augustino is a 19 year old student at Hoja Secondary School in Tanzania. Augustino lives in the boys' dormitory at…

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  • Hoja Solar Classroom

    Hoja Solar Classroom

    One way in which Hoja Secondary has set itself apart from other schools in Tanzania is through the use of…

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