Hoja Capacity Building

Optimized-2013 07 02 Hoja Office (10) (1)The Hoja Project is COCO's primary implementation partner in Tanzania. Alongside Hoja, COCO has developed Hoja Secondary School, graduates from which have achieved the highest results in the region for the past three years. Similarly, COCO and Hoja have partnered on the small loans programme and sustainable agriculture training programmes.

COCO is committed to working alongside our project partners, so that we are able to grow together. At Hoja, we have invested in staff members, so that they can develop the key skills necessary to carry out their work. In particular, language, IT and monitoring & evaluation skills have been developed.

Furthermore, COCO and Hoja have established income-generation programmes to ensure that The Hoja Project is self-sustainable. Revenue from initiatives such as a poultry project, fish pond and sustainable agriculture have empowered Hoja to pay the salaries of all staff members.

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    Hoja Project

    Hoja Project is COCO's main implementation partner in Tanzania. Alongside Hoja, COCO has been able to complete many diverse projects…

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