Olomayani Nursery

Optimized-IMG_4227Olomayani (or “Blessings”) is a nursery in the village of Eluwai in the predominately Maasai area of Northern Tanzania.

The nursery was started in 2006 through the initiative of a group of villagers under the shade of a large tree at the Women’s Cultural Centre. With the support of the village chairman and local NGO’s, the two classrooms and a small staff room were built- a simple timber-framed hut with a tin roof. The classroom has no windows or doors and very little furniture. The nursery teaches 56 children between the ages of 4-7.

COCO began working with the nursery in 2008 and worked with the community to purchase basic school equipment, maintain the village’s water tank and install a rain water harvesting system. Finally, COCO worked with the community to implement a school permaculture garden to generate income for the school, as well as training members of the community to assist them in increasing their income.

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    Who are the Maasai?

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    What is Permaculture?

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